Rehabilitation – Day 45

Wow!!  I’m on Day 45 already and I haven’t even had any treatment. Amazing what you can do when you decide to treat yourself. I am getting stronger in my mind, leaning more towards the coping because I am having to philosophy. So what if I had a BIG Bad Day last week – it’s gone and I am looking forward to more time in the gym. I have got new challenges for myself, different ways of adapting the exercises to cater for Neil (the knee). I have surprised myself with how imaginative I can be to complete a new exercise.

So tonight’s session again was to challenge my previous time on the Rowing Machine only. In truth the Treadmill and the Static Bike hurt a little more then I liked, plus they are quite uncomfortable to stay balanced on. I took the opportunity to listen to SMOOTH Radio again in my headphones, quickly drifting off into my own little world of pain. How far would I try to do tonight? Would it be faster or slower? These are the clues I have set myself up for as I strapped my feet into the machine. Highest resistance level of 10 and the display set to rowing only and away I went. Now for those of you that have used the rower, you are meant to bend your legs and push as you pull with your arms – in time together. Balance and timing are the key.

However, for me and Neil (the knee), the use of legs are a big NO NO!!  So I have to use arms only, which makes it harder as I lose the stability of my balance. Does that prevent me from trying to improve my time – Hell No!!  Instead I just work harder and longer on the machine to beat myself – which I did again tonight. A New PB for this exercise of 5km in under 26 minutes, an additional 1 km longer than last night. Only problem was I slowed down a bit in the final 500m as I had blisters on my hands – ouch!! Neil (the knee) was fine and I applied absolutely no pressure/force through my legs. Pleased with myself again.

I then did the usual weights/reps on  the other exercises, leg/knee raises/stretches and my favourite pain to finish off – Russian Twists with a 10kg weight just for fun (3 sets of 50 reps). Then home and the traditional Lobster Bath to relax.

Now it is Claire’s (the couch) time to look after me as I chill and watch TV.

LENT – 4 days left to go and no mishaps or sneaky cheating.


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