Rehabilitation – Day 44

I did it yesterday .. I took a rest day off from the gym. Felt strange and some what confused after the day before. Reading back Day 42 it seemed like I was definitely in a bad place but I recovered.

Today I focused on ‘beating’ my times and distances on the Rowing Machine and the Static Bike. I set up the same process of highest resistance on the rower and only used my arms again. I completed 4km in under 20 minutes which made me feel much happier. I knocked off 3 minutes 20 seconds for twice the distance.Then off to the bike and a similar result of 4km in 15 minutes again. That was more than 750m further in the same time period – on the flat and a focused slow pace. I finished off with some weights and the usual stretching exercises – leg raises/knees bent (single/double).

At the moment Neil (the knee) hasn’t any grumbling to annoy me. He is quite relaxed at the moment. I think he is waiting for his usual Lobster Bath and a good soak in the Radox bubbles.

LENT is one day nearer now and the finish line is in sight. 6 Days to go.


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