Rehabilitation – Day 40

Today was a long and stressful time at school. I had a meeting at 8.30am that lasted until about 2.30pm – 2.45pm and resulted in further meetings with colleagues. Then I had an after school SATs Club with my Class of Y6 pupils and they had enjoyed their freedom of not having me in class all day. I managed to leave about 5.20pm and the drive home was only interrupted by Neil (the knee) having a little grumble and the aches of being on my feet all day.

So it was straight in to the house and changed so that I could get to the Circuit Training Class and enjoy 45 minutes of delightful pain and suffering at the hands of Alison, the Trainer. Now she does have a good sense of humour, as she adapted the circuit to cater for me using only one leg. The others in the Class gave me the strange looks, as I tried to do the same exercises as they did.

After completing the Class I then finished off with some Upper Body Weights/Reps and a bit of additional stretching using the resistance Bands. I must admit that I did look quite funny hanging my left knee/leg off the floor whilst trying to keep my balance doing the exercise.

The evening has concluded with the traditional Lobster Bath and a little cuddle on Claire (the couch), watching a bit of TV. I even managed to have a bit of fun with a Twitter Friend Ms CP – as she joked about ‘No Queues’ – a likely story me thinks.

I think I will be heading off to bed soon to give Neil (the knee) his well earned rest, ready for tomorrow’s Jigsaw Puzzle of a new day. I have bought some cakes/biscuits for the Ladies at school – so that they can have a little treat before the weekend.

LENT is now on the final countdown – 9 days to go before it’s over for another year.


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