Rehabilitation – Day 39

Last few days have been a little too painful to train properly. Neil (the knee) has had the better of me and I reluctantly didn’t train yesterday. A good session on Monday meant yesterday was to painful to even go the gym – needed to include a rest day as previously stated. It just seems like I am cheating by not training – even if at half pace.

Tonight, despite still hurting/aching I did literally drag myself to the gym and did a circuit of upper body and stretching exercises, to make sure I sleep well tonight too. The increases in the weights/reps means that like ‘Rocky’ – I am getting stronger. Chattered to Alison at the gym tonight and she will adapt her Circuit Training Session tomorrow night for me, if I can get there early enough.

Well to my bed soon I think. Feeling too tired to watch TV much longer – got a long day at school tomorrow too. So I bid you farewell and will post again tomorrow.


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