Rehabilitation – Day 37

I’ve only just realised that by training as I have been doing, I am actually in danger of further injuring Neil (the knee), as I have not had any other Psycho-Terrorist advice for more than a month. The little advice I received was to just ‘Wiggle my toes’ several times a day. It has been down to my own reading/researching, the advice of others that have had similar injuries or the information from Mark M & Mark G at the gym.  That’s atrocious really when you think about it. The Doctor said complete rest, the specialist knee physiotherapist told me off for not exercising – yet they have only given me one appointment…. Think this will be discussed at my Consultant’s appointment – next month.

Anyway, off my soap box and back to my activities and events for today. A long day in school resulted in Neil (the knee) doing his usual aching and is starting to click now, as if it is catching or slipping around inside my skin. By home time I was more than ready to leave and thought about going to the gym on the way home.

Another point I feel I must mention too. I am trying to build up the muscles around Neil (the knee) so as to strengthen it and thereby speed up my recovery. Yet every training session – which is mainly upper body exercises results in Neil (the knee) aching and hurting more and more each day. The simple stretching exercises of bending, lifting, straightening and swinging seem to be tiring me out much quicker lately.

I am now starting to wonder if I am doing too much again and that I should look at including more rest days. The only positive aspect of going to the gym lately is that my upper body strength is improving really well and that I am able to do more weight/reps than I first started doing.

As for Neil (the knee), all I seem to be able to do is walk a little bit further or stand up for longer before the aches and pains start again. Mornings are much worse lately too. With the stretching exercises I do before I actually get out of bed. I seem to have cramps and stiffness more each day. Oh well!! If this is the building up part of the recovery then gawd help me when I actually get some proper treatment.

Finally a thank you to Mark M, Mark G and Alison from the gym again tonight. Their little chats and show of support have helped me more than they realise.


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