Rehabilitation – Day 36

Good start to the day with an early trip to the gym. Got there and was met by an empty main studio and a whole load of exercise equipment at my disposal – like a kid in a sweet shop!!

I started off by doing the usual Upper Body routine, but varied the rotation of the exercise – increasing the weight/reps as I went along. Enjoyed this and felt quite pleased with myself too. Now the most pleasing part of today’s session was my being able to wear my new ‘Under Armour’ skins – shirt & shorts and how impressed I was with them. They retained the heat as I first started but also enabled me to use the sweat to cool down a bit when I was too hot. Now this wasn’t new to me, as I have used UA for a number of years and have always been more than happy with my results.

The exercises completed and then the fun with the stretching. Now don’t get me wrong I do understand the need to warm up & to cool down, but laying on the YOGA mat isn’t my idea of a good cool down. It’s more like having a rest and saying ‘I’ve Finished!!’ I don’t enjoy that part of my routine, as I feel like I’m not being productive in my rehabilitation. I know I am, but it seems like a waste of time.

Afterwards, the most enjoyable part of the training routine is my Lobster bath!!  Neil (the knee) most definitely likes this time too. I can often have a little ‘Catnap’ in the bath and enjoy the relaxation of my muscles soothing away the aches and pains. Neil (the knee) often just feels so different afterwards. It’s like he causes the pain just so that he can have a soak – must be a male thing because I know it relaxes me enough to sleep.

My training Buddy ‘Edgie’ came over this afternoon – the Poison Dwarf, and just moaned as usual at me still being ‘Broken!!’ He has been doing a lot of his road runs on his own, except this week he was showing off with a female runner that was on the same route as he was. (He didn’t actually know her but they ran together and completed the course.) As usually happens when someone is showing off – read my blog from 4 days ago and you will know what I mean – the Poison Dwarf only went and pulled a calf muscle after finishing his run….  Definitely his own fault too!! I also think that he may have done it on purpose so that he can get a little bit of attention, as he said he misses me – plonker!!

So now that my day is done, my training is complete and this Blog updated, I can look forward to either an early night for a change or just the daily cuddle on Claire (the couch) as I prepare for an evening of more Sport/Movies.

I must admit though, the change in my weekend routine and the visit out yesterday made my weekend seem more enjoyable, rather than just being the usual boring sitting on Claire (the couch) and feeling sorry for myself. Not only have I got to build up my muscles in/around my knee, but I also have to look at getting out a little more – even if just taking a trip to the park for a cup of tea in the sunshine. I recognise that the weather over the past few months has been less than sociable. But now that Spring/Summer is coming, I will be making more of an effort I think. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind will make my recovery much quicker and then I can ‘Train Properly’…..

Tonight’s evening meal is going to be a Roast Dinner – with a good size piece of Beef Steak to cook. I am looking forward to that too.

LENT – Day 30+ something (lost count at the moment) is still going well. Not had even one mishap or craving during the whole period.


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