Rehabilitation – Day 35

For a change this weekend, I decided to go the gym really early and then take a trip up to Preston to see my son Tom. The early start got me in the mood for training and I managed to get on most of the equipment before the local Semi-Pro football team arrived to do their gym work.

I had a little play around on the different exercises that I had been shown by the 2 Marks – Mark M & Mark G. I even increased my weights/reps to make the challenge a little more difficult than usual, so that I felt that I had achieved something today. The usual Upper Body exercises, followed by 3 sets of Russian Twists and Mobility stretches for my legs & Neil (the knee). Must remember not to try the Squats again as they still hurt when I do them using my body weight. An hour today was enough, as I was very tired yesterday and went to bed after a long week. Home and the usual Lobster bath meant I was sorted and ready for the drive to Preston by 12pm.

I spent the first part of the afternoon chatting with Tom before we decided to go out for a look in the local sports shops. It was a good decision for us both too. We arrived in the sports shop to see they had a sale in the ‘Under Armour’ training clothes – skin tight tops, shorts & leggings. I even bought them in my favourite colour – RED!!

The day was a bit longer than I had planned for, but was most enjoyable though. Having steak cooked for tea was a great meal and one that I don’t have too often – only because I’m too lazy/tired to cook it regularly. I got home about 8.15pm and was pleased with myself, if also very tired and Neil (the knee) was starting to ache and grumble a bit now.

So the plan for the rest of the night is to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet again – made a change to have someone to chat to over the weekend – plus getting out and about too. Claire (the couch) is beckoning me to have a stretch on her and to watch a movie – not sure which one yet, but I know I will miss the end of it because I’m already falling asleep. An early night is in order tonight so that I am up and ready for the gym in the morning – get to wear my new red Under Amour sports stuff in the gym tomorrow too.


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