Rehabilitation – Day 33

Thursday 19th March 2015

Going to have to add a date every now and again, if I miss blogging for a day or four. Getting confused in my old age as Neil (the knee) is really making the days seem to roll into one and another. But I will try and keep up. As I  have posted previously, I’m not getting into the habit of writing on here just for the sake of it. If nowt to say then I won’t post, but will recap the missing days.

Well for the past 3 days I have been unable to train again due to Neil (the knee) being less than helpful most of the time. I’m struggling to get a proper night’s sleep, which in turn only makes me feel even more tired during the day. This coupled with the odd knock, bang or tweak of Neil (the knee) has put me back on to taking the painkillers twice this week – not happy about that but HEY HO, it had to be done.

I also have a confession to make. I interrupted a meeting in school whilst they had a coffee/tea break and did my usual ‘Clowning Around’ being the funny fool to cheer them up. This went down really well until they came back with a tray of hot drinks. I was sat on the chair with my legs crossed (Neil on the top), when I grabbed my leg and pulled it up out of the way – thinking I was going to knock the tray over. BIG mistake because I actually hyper-extended my injured knee (Neil) and had a shooting pain right along my left leg. The others knew I had done something wrong by the look of pain on my face and my quick exit out of the room. I won’t be doing that again in a hurry!!!  I usually just sit with my legs out straight in front of me and keep Neil (the knee) out of the way. I ended up spending the next 30 minutes or so sitting in the corridor and moaning about the pain before hobbling off to the car to drive home. About an hour later I was in less pain and decided to go try to do some exercises.

I made the effort to go to the gym and meet up with Alison – the female Gym Trainer. I’ve know her for many years and she does a Circuit Training Session each week, which I used to do religiously until I was injured. I missed the first 10 minutes of her class, so sneaked in and joined into the exercises – felt good being back in the group/class atmosphere and I managed about 20 minutes or so of her routines.

11063053_10152649911871196_612306122_n 11081760_10152649912456196_1239162491_n 11082773_10152649912191196_1963039216_n

Afterwards, I came home and had the usual Lobster Bath and have rested on Claire (the couch) watching the sport on TV.

LENT is now Day 30 and still going well. No chips, crisps, chocolate, biscuits or beer during the whole of the period so far and I’m really pleased at this achievement.


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