Rehabilitation – Day 29

Well I did it, I managed to get up early enough to go the gym and do some training today. Neil (the knee) wasn’t much help though!! Did all he could again last night to make my sleep as broken as possible, despite going to bed earlier. Tossing & turning, kicking the duvet off, then wrapping myself fully inside it like a cocoon. But that didn’t help either. So up I got and watched a little bit of the F1 Motor Racing until I fell asleep.

Mark G was on duty at the gym today and we had a little chat about the next steps of my treatment. Some useful advice was given and an explanation about building up the muscles around my knee before the operation – which I thought was a bit of stupid thing to do at first. Now that Mark G has explained that Bigger/Stronger muscles help the recovery process to be much faster, I can understand the logic. So off I went into my own little world of training and did the routine set up by Mark M.

This time though, I only tried to increase the weights/reps for my upper body exercises. I left the Russian Twists until the end of the routine and then finished off with a few Leg Single Raises, Single Knee Bends & Swings and then tried the Double knee bends/Squats – but they really hurt Neil (the knee) so I only managed a few of those.

One of the best things that I looked forward to today was the hot Lobster Bath this afternoon. Soaking in the bath with a nice cup of tea, listening to the 1980’s music on the TV  Music channel was pure relaxation. (I even gave myself a little Karaoke singing session too – Bet that went down well with the neighbours too – NOT!!)

The other thing that made my day was having a cooked roast dinner, for the first time in weeks. The pleasure of having the meal; Southern Fried Chicken, veg and roast potatoes, is indescribable for those of you that are lucky enough to have one regularly. (I don’t mean going out to the pub/restaurant and getting one prepared for you. The simple ‘Home Cooking’ experience of being able to relax and enjoy it without worrying about having to leave quickly.) So thank you for giving me that experience today – most enjoyable. I did turn down the option of a slide of Chocolate Gateau because it is still LENT.

To finish the day off I will be completing my school work – marking, planning and every other job that I didn’t manage to do – My friend #SE has a ‘LIST’ and lives by it. OUCH!!! I’m sure she will ‘Post-It-Note’ everything too – private joke that!!

After that is all done it will be a little more relaxing on Claire (the couch) doing the prescribed physo-terrorist exercises of ‘Wiggling my toes’ and stretches before going to bed and having a battle with Neil (the knee) again.


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