Rehabilitation – Day 28

Lost a few more hours than expected today – an additional lay in bed longer than planned, as wanted to go the gym this morning. Neil (the knee) decided that last night was a good time to cramp up, crack & creak most of the night but more annoyingly – cause as much discomfort as he could. Resulting in about 4 hours sleep out of the 12 hours in bed.

So the day’s routine was to rest up again until my eldest brother & sister-in-law came over for a flying visit. Then I managed to go and get a food shop to last me through until next weekend. (I deliberately only bought enough for the week so that I have another excuse for going out next weekend.) All this staying is of a weekend is starting to make me fed up again.

On a more positive note, I received the letter from the Knee Specialist, asking me to arrange an appointment ASAP. Now that’s going to go down really well at work, as it could create some difficulties and keep me out of action for an important period at the moment.

Now you know who your real friends are when they TWEET comments to you about not being very ‘Sociable’ because you want to sit on your own and talk to your self. Then they call you ‘Mildly Crazy’ too …..   Oh how misunderstood I am!!!

Tonight is an early night for me, plans are in place to ensure I get up in the morning to go the gym – I’ve got to do some stretching and weights/reps whilst I can as I may be out for up to 12 weeks rehabilitation in the very near future.

Apart from that, I’m cuddling up on MY much prettier CLAIRE (the couch) whilst Neil (the knee) is still grumbling at me. The Real #SE will understand this comment, as she is out celebrating tonight – I hope. (Happy Birthday too).


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