Rehabilitation – Day 24

That was it!! The day arrived, earlier than expected by some 6 days, when I received some information about my MRI results.

I returned home tonight, feeling a little bit achy and sore from another long day in school – on my feet all day, and still suffering from my physical exertions from the gym last night. There was the unusual and most definitely unexpected flashing red light on my home answer machine. A call from out of the blue!

The Care, Assessment & Treatment Service (CATS) specialist had rung earlier and left a message confirming that they had found something on my MRI Scan and that I was being referred to the Consultant for further Treatment/Surgery to my local Hospital. I should telephone them back and obtain a more detailed verbal report tomorrow and an explanation of the process I was now having to follow.

So after almost 4 months of the pain and agony, the lack of training, the constant delays being put in front of me, I am now being believed that something is actually wrong with Neil (the knee) and further treatment is needed. It is a bitter sweet feeling for me today. Sweet because I was right when I knew I had a problem with Neil (the knee) but also bitter, as it means that my training & rehabilitation is now going to take even longer – after the treatment I get in the future.

‘Bang Goes My Bucket List’ for this year.


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