Rehabilitation – Day 23

Long and tiring day today – resulting in the stress levels rising and the need to train increasing. I managed to finish earlier than usual and decided to go straight to the gym, rather than going home first. That was a good decision for me.

I worked on Day 1 for the third time of the cycle and felt the need to push a little harder than usual. I lifted my Weights and increased the Reps only to find it was a lot easier than expected tonight. Was it because I had improved my fitness over the past 3 weeks or was it possibly down to the increased stress levels today and the need to de-stress being overwhelming? Either way I achieved my target of working harder!!

To  finish off the session I did the Treadmill Walk of 1km, but this time I knocked off 2 minutes by increasing the pace of the treadmill from ‘Baby Crawling’ to now ‘Toddler Wobbling’ (5.0 to 7.0 speed). The new lease of energy enabled me to push through the pace, without inflicting any discomfort on Neil (the knee) and still manage to come off smiling. (I was actually tired after doing that tonight.)

Next was the Static Bike on the flat too (Level 1) and the 10 minutes slow riding challenge. I also increased my distance now to 1.9km in the same time period (adding 300m further.) These small increases are keeping me sane these days, with the thought of more to come being in the 2nd most important issue in my mind at the moment. (The most important issue being my focus on ‘Not’ sustaining or aggravating another injury to Neil (the knee.)

My nightly routine after training is now off to a tee, with my evening meal being put on to cook whilst I have a Lobster bath. Then my chilling cuddles on Claire (the couch) whilst I relax and watch TV for a few hours. Soon it will be time for me to go and do my ‘wiggly toes’ thing set up by the physio-terrorists, as I lay in bed waiting to fall a sleep.

LENT is now on Day 21 and all is well too.


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