Rehabilitation – Day 20

I was asked why some days are missed off this blog – which is quite simple. I’m either home too late and too tired to post or I don’t have anything worth while posting. So please bare that in mind. After a full day’s work, often long ones too, I am in no fit state to train, just sleep or rest on Claire (the couch).

994439_10152527757911196_703221754626652192_n   10356204_10152544513141196_2836254642758996556_n

This has been a really long and tiring week that has prevented me from training for 5 days. I last managed to go the gym last Sunday and that has been another bug-bare of mine. I had this crazy idea last night, as I was struggling to stay awake long enough to watch a little bit of TV – ‘maybe I should set my alarm clock to get up early in the morning and go the gym!!’ Well seemed like a great idea last night, but did it happen – Not a chance!! I only just managed to get out of bed at mid-day, after 13 hours of disturbed sleep again – naughty Neil (the knee) wanted to play silly beggars again in the night.

That meant all my plans had gone out of the window and I was left to revise my intentions of a food shop, cleaning, washing and school work, into just a desperately needed food shop and a few hours with Claire (the couch) keeping me company.

Then I had that one moment of inspiration, the light bulb flashed on in my head. If I can’t go to the gym, let the gym come to me!!!


I have my own gym equipment in my from room – a multi-gym, where I can still do some upperbody work-outs without worrying about not training anymore. I have been slouching around all afternoon, moaning at myself for missing the chance to go the gym today. When in fact I had the answer right at my finger tips all the time. So no more excuses about late nights, long days, too tired or just plain and simply can’t be bothered today – I WILL be doing more at home too.

In addition to the muti-gym, I recently bought a Cross-Trainer, as did my eldest son Tom. We built his during a flying visit to his home a few weeks ago, but mine is still in the box waiting to be built. I have deliberately not built it as I know for a fact I will use it before the results of the MRI Scan, hence that is why it isstill boxed. Plus it was such a bargain that we could not miss buying them.

10989139_10152591670806196_1075603822037390724_n  This is the one Tom uses at his home.

Well after doing about 25 minutes on my multi-gym, feeling tired and achy in my arms  & shoulders, I have just got dressed after my ‘Lobster Bath’. There isn’t anything better than a really hot bath to soak in after training.


Now it’s time to spend a few hours of quality time with my favourite friend Claire (the couch), as we cuddle up and watch a DVD and a ‘Smoothie’ fruit drink as a treat. Maybe tonight I will get a better sleep and get up in the morning to go the gym. I can but try!!


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