Rehabilitation – Day 18

Well just when you think things are going ok, it happens again!!!

This week I have had Physio, a Massage and an MRI Scan and managed to keep fairly confident during the whole of the process, even though I have not been able to get to the gym since Sunday. The efforts on Neil (the knee) have taken their toll and I am feeling really tired and hurting. But I can cope with this – or so I thought. Then today came and spoilt all of that!!

I woke up this morning thinking, am I really up to going to work today as Neil (the knee) was being a plonker during the night and I would estimate that I had about 2-3hrs disturbed sleep in total. But, as we say around here ‘Get up and stop being a wimp.’ So I did, went to school and thought about taking it a little bit easier today. That lasted all of about 20 minutes before the pressure started mounting and actions had to be decided.

I lasted until about 11.30am before I somehow stumbles down  4 steps and could be seen hopping on my good leg, trying to regain my balance without falling – gave about 4/5 female staff a bit of a heart attack and a giggle at the same time, as they checked to see if I was alright. (I also got told off for jumping down the steps which wasn’t what I actually did) – pain in the knee No1.

Next was in my classroom and I was dealing with an unhappy chap who wanted to ‘burst out’ of the room, barging passed myself and a female colleague, nearly knocking us over – pain in the knee No2.

The fun didn’t stop there either, as I hobbled along the corridor to ‘Little People World’ and a 3 foot high little Lady (5yr old) decided to run and bump into Neil (the knee) before shouting ‘”Hello Mr Highton!!!” at the top of her voice and giving me a big smile….  How could I tell her off after that and for being cute? Than was Pain No3.

Now all of this took a lot out of me and then Neil (the knee) decided he had had enough trauma today. My hamstring/calf tightened up big style and I still had another 5 hours or so to go before I could escape the ‘Crazy House.’ The drive home was just too painful for me to even consider going to the gym again tonight and I dreamt of laying on Claire (the couch) with a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit watching TV earlier than usual tonight. That bubble was burst too as I remembered that I had given up Chocolate and biscuits for Lent. But it did end up as being a small(ish) piece of madeira cake and the cup of tea.

Later I was cheered up a little bit by a quick chat on FB IM with SEP – even if she was confused about the movie ‘CHAPPIE’ not being about a dog or dog food. At least it made me smile for a bit. The last thing for me to do tonight before I intend on going to bed is to have my Lobster bath and then try to relax in bed – physio instructions of ‘wiggling my toes# stretches are the only exercise for me tonight.

I am hoping that tomorrow won’t be as daunting as today has been and that Neil (the knee) play’s nicely for me !!

PS – LENT – Day 17 and still I am being good. Not twitched once in all of that time, even when I was handing biscuits out to the children during SATs Club tonight in school.


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