Rehabilitation – Day 16

Well today was the Big Day, D-Day, the Day of Days that will start me on the right path ….  or so I though. In actual fact it was a bit of a ‘Damp Squid’ really. I built myself up to attending the MRI scan and the possibility of some indication of what was keeping Neil (the knee) in his grumpy moods. All I got was a lay down and a set of headphones to wear.

The MRI scan itself was a lot better than I had been led to believe, the noise wasn’t particularly scary or annoying. In fact I was told to lay still on the scan bed and to ignore the dull clunking & whirling sounds, which I did and even managed to have a short nap as I relaxed. In total the scan took about 15 minutes and it was probably the most relaxed I’ve felt so far this week.

The Nurse doing the scan explained that the MRI Report would be sent direct to my Doctor within the next 2 weeks, which will then result in a further appointment with either the Doctor, Physio or Consultant – depending on the contents of the report. I asked what was the probability of an ‘All Clear’ or ‘No Further Treatment Required’ being the outcome? A part from the giggles, I got the response ‘a small possibility looking at the way you walked into the treatment room’ from the nurse – well it was work a try I supposed….

So at the end of the day I am back on the ‘Waiting Trail’ again. Waiting for any information to explain the next step along this current pathway. Deep down I’m now starting to think that Neil (the knee) will cure himself before I actually get to have some form of medical care/treatment.

Oh well at least I get another few weeks cuddling on Claire (the couch) and resting whilst watching more DVDs & sport on TV. The Lobster baths are becoming a traditional form of relaxation after a day at work or an hour’s playing in the gym. But most importantly for me is the fact that I am still able to do some form of exercise – even if on a limited basis. Small mercies are thanked by me.


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