Rehabilitation – Day 15

Well today was an interesting day when it comes to discussing Neil (the knee) and his future participation in my physical exploits. I went to the local hospital to see the Physio-Terrorist as per the ‘Urgent Referral’ of some 3 weeks ago. Whilst there I sat patiently in the waiting area, silently talking to Neil about not performing too much during this appointment, as I just wanted to know if I would be a ‘Non-Surgical’ patient – ideally!!!

Well would you believe it, Neil was as good as gold – no pains or aches whilst I was waiting. I even managed a little ‘Limp Free’ walk into the physio area. A pleasant chat with the guy doing the examination, asking about my previous medical history – injuries, medical conditions etc .. etc … He was a really nice bloke and he understood exactly what it was I did during my extreme challenge events, stating that it took a special type of person to do those events…..  I’m sure a lot of people would agree with him about me being ‘Special’, but not in the way he meant it though.

So he started to twist, turn, bend, stretch and so on my knee in all sorts of different directions & position, pushing and pulling my knee, ankle, hip and generally my lower body – inflicting pain and hurt on occasions and some relief on others. We then discussed the results of his examination and ( without the MRI results – which I have tomorrow) he concluded that he thought that I may have torn or injured the cartilage and that it may also need surgery. He then went through the process of ‘key-hole’ surgery, if that was required and the recovery period of 6-12 weeks before starting to train again. However, if he was wrong the worse case scenario would be surgery and a 6 months recovery period.

At the conclusion of the examination, I was told not to worry too much as the MRI Scan would give a clearer picture of what is going on inside Neil (the knee) and that our discussion was only to inform me of the potential avenues that may be open to me after the results are back. (Seem to remember talking to my own private Nurse/Consultant – Jackie, last night and she more or less predicted exactly what would happen today. Either she is a Medical Genius or she knows how they play the system.)

Well one more step along the road I take (a song we sing in assembly with the children), as I prepare myself for the MRI Scan tomorrow afternoon. If there is a God that looks down on us, I’d like to just say can I have a good result tomorrow that will enable me to train for an Extreme Challenge Event in JULY 2015 – PLEASE!!!

PS – No training tonight as the Physio-Terrorist did his job with great delight and inflicted as much pain as he could, without further injuring my friend Neil (the knee) – thank you.


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