Rehabilitation – Day 14

Sunday morning lay-in was short and sweet today, too much to do before the ‘Big Match’…..  Liverpool V Man City.

I had to do a quick tidy up and clean around before the two evil mates came to watch the match – John & Edgie. As usual they will turn up either 1 minute to kick off or just as the game starts – damn annoying too it is.

Anyway, 10.30am was the deadline to be sorted at home just so that I could fit in an hour at the gym to do my bit today – back to Day 1 of the 3 day cycle set up by Mark M. Now that I am on the 2nd round of the circuit I can start to look at increasing the Reps/Weights – if Mark’s not around!!   I found today’s increases a little bit harder than expected but that’s what challenging yourself is all about in the end. The focus being on my upper body & ABS is beginning to make an impact on these muscle groups and I know that is why lifting a cup of tea up after training feels like lifting up my car engine. No pain No gain comes to mind here too.

Mark G was in the gym today too – doing a bit of PT with a young Lady. His patter is so predictable, as he used the same on me this week – ‘not pushing you so don’t feel under pressure’, as the Lady struggles to complete his routine with her – ‘just one more’ and ‘again!!’ are his favourite saying I think this week….   LOL but she did it and he praised her for the achievement too. (Good PT techniques, but don’t tell him I said so.)

Once completed, I gathered my stuff and drove home from the gym – it was time for the Big Match …  and YES as predicted John & Edgie came just as the game kicked off. I gave then the obligatory ‘What time do you call this?’  Only to be met with the response ‘Shut up moaning and get the kettle on!!’ by both of them.

Now Edgie is one of the ‘Three Old Gits’ that usually train for our Extreme Challenges – the other two being Myself and Tony. However, Tony has just disappeared off the face of the earth at the moment and I am currently left unable to train, as you are aware. So that means Edgie (or the now renamed Poison Dwarf has to try and train on his own) doesn’t do as much as he used to and gives me grief about not working properly – he has given me the nick name ‘BROKEN’, Boy does he go on and on and on about it too!!!

Well the next few days are the start of my next steps on this road to recovery. I have the first official ‘Urgent Referral’ for Physio appointment tomorrow – that’s going to be fun with the ‘Physio-Terrorist’ trying to make my leg/knee do things it doesn’t want to do. That is then followed by the dreaded ‘Urgent Referral’ MRI Scan on Tuesday at the local hospital. Never will understand that ‘Urgent Referral’ in NHS language means several weeks. But my own private Nurse/Consultant – Jackie, enlightened me tonight as she also pointed out that I now have ‘One fat (muscular) leg and One skinny (less muscular) leg due to muscle wastage. A BIG thanks for that Jackie xx.

Now on LENT Day 12 and I still have not broken the ‘Giving Ups’. I love this time of the year as it does test my WILL power. My Beard is also 12 days old and is starting to fill out more – as I have also decided to grow it for LENT and want to do something a little more of a challenge for me – Boy it is itchy and makes me look angry – apparently!!


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