Rehabilitation – Day 13

Well what a lovely sleep I had last night, Neil  (the knee) decided to give me a break and that meant I could get a good night’s undisturbed sleep – I even had a lay-in this morning too. Plenty of time to do a few stretches and then a gentle drive to the gym.

Now the gym today was a bit of a strange challenge with yet more new exercises for me to combat and overcome. But hey ho, I had Mark G there to help again today. He showed me a few different ways to do the exercises, advising me about Reps/Weights and what not to do. As he left me to have a ‘Play’ I did my usual thing of upping the weights for more of a challenge. On Mark’s return to check me he started giggling at me, stating ‘Only you would up the weights on a new exercise. I forgot I was showing you’ ….  lol@MarkG.   The routine is set on a 3 day cycle but covers 12 days, so I have plenty of variety included in it by Mark M and he regularly checks/updates it for me.   –  this is the GoodFellows Club that Mark M has set up recently.

@TheHeathGym is their Twitter Account. –   this has been my 2nd home over the past 3 years and the place I spend as much time as I can – until I became injured. But I am getting back into my PMA and have the support of these good people & friends at the gym.

The fact that I am allowed to do some sort of training over the past 13 days has made a massive change to my life again. Training had become as regular as going to work, socialising with others, setting new Goals & Targets – until that was taken from me at the end of December 2014. Something has been missing in my mindset, the challenge, the achievement, the fun, the smile or just simply just being me!! But now it’s coming back, getting better, changing my lifestyle again – how I have missed enjoying life as I knew it.

Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining about being in a ‘life changing’ situation. Far from it, I am lucky to be able to do the things I can do in my life and grateful that I can – even when injured. There are many others in the World that are worse off than I have been recently and they ‘Get Up, Start Again and Carry On’ – making the best of what they have in life. I too have learned a very important lesson from this period of my life – be humble, be grateful but also importantly be patient.

I have a new lease of life as a result of ‘Resting’ and ‘Listening’ to the advice of others – be it Medical or Training. I don’t always know the right way of dealing with things, but I am always willing to take on board the expertise of those that DO know better. Yes I will continue to challenge myself, Yes I will try and set new PBs and do more challenges in the future – and Yes I will now have to listen to my body when I hear the creaks and feel the pains & aches in the future. Otherwise it won’t be long before I get injured again.

Basically I have to accept that I’m not 16yrs old anymore and even though my mentality & historical approach to exercise has been to enjoy the challenges until it hurts, I think I need to be more willing to rest. Many years ago an instructor once said to me that ‘Pain is a Sensation and Sensations should be enjoyed’ and I have lived by this for 35yrs or more. I either didn’t listen to the end of the statement or he was injured as a result of it!!  Who knows?

LENT is also going strong and I feel that this will also help my recovery – eating healthier again and dropping all the junk foods that I have reintroduced by my lack of motivation. Life is good at the moment, so live it well.


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