Rehabilitation – Day 12

What a difference a week made for me. This time last week I was still struggling to get any form of exercise routine going – even with the help of Mark M. Then Neil (the knee) was playing up and causing me grief and pain, sleepless nights and tired legs for the long days. I was beginning to feel a little more motivated and adopting a more positive approach to life in general. The smile was coming back to my face, the washing of gym kits was also staring to pile up – a great feeling that one, but more importantly my ‘stress levels’ dropped significantly.

So after a long drawn-out week at work, many hours of extra work and no gym for the past 3 days, I became my old self again tonight if only for an hours or so – Gym – Train – Sweat – Repeat. My exercise routine for tonight was mainly the ‘Free Weights’ and a little ground work of Russian Twists for my ABS. I’d like to thank Mike G tonight for demonstrating some of the new exercises and helping me to adapt them so not to use my left knee. Nothing better than feeling ready to do a big push on the weights, but not actually being able to manage it, then getting really good motivational support by Mark G. (Thanks Mark G).

For the rest of the night I am going to be chilling on Claire (the couch) and watch a little bit of TV – Rugby League match is on and maybe the late News round up. An early night is also planned so as to be up in the morning for an earlier training session, before starting to do my weekend work catch up. I just love feeling this way, happy and smiling, tired and aching, but more than anything the feeling of satisfaction after a good training session.

LENT – Day 10  –  the lack of the junk food over the Lent period so far had also been quite good too. The kids in class are constantly checking my food intake – really funny too as every time I eat anything they ask ‘Are you allowed that?’  ….   Think some of them just say it to hear me moan at them – lol.



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