Rehabilitation – Day 9

Started off with mega cramp in my left hamstring/calf this morning – ouch!!!  Really thought I was going to struggle getting out of bed never mind walking. So to calm the panic down I lay in bed a little longer than usual and did the stretching for a few minutes more,

The whole of the day meant I was worrying, in the back of my mind, about over doing the walking around the class. This is a big concern for me and I was clearly hobbling for most of the day trying to compensate for my knee. By the end of the day I was definitely struggling and felt more tired than usual. That was it, my mind was made up for me without even doubting myself. I was going to have a ‘Rest Day’ from the gym tonight and give myself a little more recovery time, to get over the intense exercises I have completed in the past 5 days.

So tonight I am at the mercy of Claire (the couch), whilst I just do gentle stretching exercises at home. The TV will keep me occupied with some of the catch-up programs I have not managed to see last week.

LENT – Day 7 – and all is well. Including the colleague at work who was celebrating her birthday today and brought in the traditional Cakes/Biscuits/Chocolates – which I declined to take part in consuming. Very pleased with myself too.


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