Rehabilitation – Day 8

Long day today, starting off differently because of returning to work after the holiday. Neil (the knee) wasn’t playing fair last night – I think he knew that I wasn’t going to have a Lobster bath before going to school. As this was the case, he deliberately ached, twinged and cramped up during the night, as I tried to get comfortable enough to sleep.

The alarm went off about 6.00am and it was all over, the 1/2 term holiday had been and gone in the blink of an eye – or so it felt like. I lay in bed and did the usual physio stretches of wiggling my toes and stretching my calf/hamstring before attempting to get out of bed at 6.12am. I still think it was too early and I could have had another 30minutes lay-in, but no I had  to get up.

Showered, breakfast and the 35minutes drive to school meant I was in a little bit earlier than usual and as such, would be on my feet all day again – and so I was to be proven right. The day seemed to never end, the issues to deal with constantly clambering for some of my precious time. And yet, the day went quicker and I was able to do some things to ease the cramps – simple stretches, leg raises and the odd short period of elevation for a rest. The working day ended with a long 90 minute meeting with colleagues and the re-organising of our groups, to cater for the children’s needs after our last set of data.

Then I realised during the journey home, the smile started to grow on my face, the dawning of a new adventure was on the horizon. I was going to the gym again tonight – great and I suddenly felt the enthusiasm of energy and motivation crawling back into my tired body. Quickly changing into my training clothes, I continued my desperate journey to my 2nd home – the gym beckoned me, calling my name in my head to hurry up.

Now add to this enthusiasm, the excitement of being met by a new training routine left for me by Mark M – and strict instructions NOT to do anymore than what was on the circuits. The good news for me was that Mark M was unable to attend the gym tonight, due to his working hours being different to mine tonight – phew!!!

Off I trundled into the main studio room and onto the first set of exercises of the new circuit – boy that was not a gentle settling into the exercises. My arms & shoulders hurt instantly as I worked to do the Sets/Reps/Weights identified by Mark M. I felt like I was going to struggle all the way through this new routine, as the next exercise and the following ones seemed to be getting harder and harder. I NEVER gave in or eased up on the challenge and this made me feel even more proud of my achievement tonight. (On a naughty note though, I sneaked in 3 Sets of 50 Reps of Russian Twists with the 10kg medicine ball – just because I wanted to finish off on ABS. I’m not admitting that to Mark M as he will tackle me about it next session.

Now that I have done the gym tonight, I am settled down on Claire (the couch) to eat my homemade ‘Spicy Chicken Sauce & Sweet Potato’, I can chill for the rest of the evening. I am looking forward to going to bed earlier tonight and hopefully Neil (the knee) will be too tired to disturb my sleep tonight too.

LENT – Day 6 and colleagues in school are amazed at my ‘Giving Up’ list of things for Lent. I do enjoy this period of time and my WILL Power isn’t really tested until around 30 days.


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