Rehabilitation – Day 7

Nowt much different for today’s blog. The usual Lobster bath before breakfast and then the trip to the gym. Only difference for today was the short snow shower we had on the drive to the gym – very chilly & wet weather.

For a change, I rotated the sequence of the exercises set up by Mark M, looking to vary the effort of the different muscle groups being ‘punished’ by my Reps/Weights. This did have some impact as I managed to up the Shoulder Press Reps/Weight a little bit before feeling tired during the Inclined dumb bells curls. I was able to have a little bit of a chat with ‘Ali’ too, as she was doing her own training session in the gym.

The biggest increase today was the ‘Russian Twists’ with my legs raised off the floor – 3 sets of 50 reps using a 10kg weight to twist with. The focus wasn’t on the reps but more on keeping my balance and feet off the floor. Although they are really difficult without an injury, they are fun to do if you like to inflict pain on yourself.

I finished today’s session with 10 minutes of knee bending/stretching for the mobility of Neil (the knee). This was more of a challenge than any of the exercises, as I was constantly worried about over doing it and injuring myself further. 10 minutes was enough for me to do this and I could feel Neil (my knee) starting to tighten up a little bit – no pain, just the hamstring/calf tightness doing a slow creep along my leg.

A lovely Lobster bath after my salad lunch meant that I could chill for the rest of the day – watching Liverpool FC win their match tonight and now settled down for the World Club Rugby League Final.

LENT – Day 5 and all is well too.


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