Rehabilitation – Day 6

The day started with the usual Lobster bath to ease up the cramps/stiffness in my hamstring/calf. Neil (the knee) was fine during the night, I think I am now subconsciously doing stretches during the night in my sleep because I have less pain first thing of a morning. After breakfast I went to the gym to do the usual Upper Body/ABS routine that Mark M has set up for me.

On arrival at the gym the local Semi-pro football team players were meeting up to do some training too. Made the gym a little busier than I had expected and a lot more noise. To counter this I simply went into my own little world, playing my ‘soppy’ music through my headphones and focusing on my own exercises. After a while I just forgot about them being in the same room. (Mark M did giggle at my choice of music, as he was expecting me to use the high beat/rhythm bouncing along tracks – ROCKY, EYE of the TIGER etc …. for motivation. However, when I told him it was much slower and calming tracks, as I didn’t want to get too motivated/engrossed in the music, incase I injured myself, Mark M agreed with me.

The routines/exercises are becoming 2nd nature for me now and I can feel the results already in my arms/ABS with the aching of my muscles. I am slowly looking to increase the Reps/Weights and gain more benefit from the sessions. Each day has had a slight improvement and I am just pleased that I am able to return again the next day. I added the ‘Russian Twists’ to my ABS yesterday and I felt better at them today once I managed to gain my balance on the floor. Similar to yesterday’s front Bicep Curls – harder doing them standing up, but gaining confidence in my Base Stance.

Today’s session saw me introducing a few more stretches, whilst laying on the floor – leg raises and knee bends for 10 minutes to gently give my knee more range of movement. This is the hardest bit at the moment, as I must not apply any force through my knee – until I have had the MRI. The good thing is that I now also have physio booked in for the next few weeks so that should reinforce mobility through my knee. Another Lobster bath on returning home before having a chicken salad for lunch, was the order of the day.

Tonight is a chill time, watching the Football, Rugby League and a DVD later. I am so pleased with my self discipline this week – not only have I listened/heard the advice, but also stuck to it.

PS – LENT Day 4 – enjoying the lack of chips, crisps, biscuits, chocolate and beer – this will be an added bonus when it comes to my over-all weight loss over the next 6 weeks.



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