Rehabilitation – Day 5

After a really tiring day yesterday, a lay-in was just what I needed. The ritual Lobster bath before breakfast was also very welcome as my arms, shoulders and ABS all ached this morning. The efforts and increased weights/reps are having an impact on my body – a good impact too.

Breakfast included the standard shredded wheat and a cup of tea, to start my day off, followed by the trip to the local swimming pool for a little jog in the deep end of the pool. The ‘Swimmers’ just looked at me and pulled the weird faces, as if to say ‘you are meant to swim not run’ ….. hey ho it’s my money and I’ll do what I want. (Especially as I checked before paying to see if I could run in the water – the muppets.) I spent about 40mins slow running motions. stretching, resting and a few widths of gentle swimming, which was quite tiring too.

To celebrate my efforts, which are not currently weight loss focused, I went and treated myself to a small cooked breakfast – for my lunch, Mmmmmm  I did enjoy it and deserve it too. (1 sausage, bacon, beans, egg and a piece of toast). That set me up for the rest of the afternoon, chilling on Claire (the couch) as usual and watching another Movie.

Tonight I was looking forward to my gym session and the disco theme approach to it. I wasn’t disappointed with the music either – 80’s/90’s tracks – resulting in my usual comment #ILikeThisOne to most songs being played loudly. Mark M did his usual patrol of my exercises, with the motivational support of ‘get on with it them’ when I was sneaking an extra few seconds rest between exercises. I increased the weight/reps and to try and improve my PB’s for this week. Strange that comment – PB’s – at this point in time, I should just be very pleased that I am able to have a go at any training at all. Once I’d finished the routine set up by Mark M, I had a go at doing some ‘Russian Twists’ ABS work – elevating my left knee on the foam roller as I twisted side to side with a 5kg weight. I managed to do 3 sets of 50 reps without too much difficulty, other than my balance being wobbly on the floor.

Today has been another positive day and a much improved effort at the gym too. Mark M was talking about changing some of the exercises so to vary my targeted muscle groups. I like the idea of that and can really start to feel the ‘Old Me’ getting some form of satisfaction again. I am under no-illusions about how hard the next few months are going to be, irrespective of the outcome of the MRI in the next week or so. I have more mobility at the moment and must not mistake that as my knee being better. The lack of use of my legs/knees is the only reason for this feeling – it will only take one wrong movement, step or weight for the knee to collapse again and then it’s back to square one.

Tomorrow I will again go to the gym and do the routines set up for me. Then rest and chill for the rest of the day – small efforts daily seem to be working at the moment.  #MyRoadToRecovery


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