Rehabilitation – Day 4

Woke up this morning and before I even got out of bed I was aching and in pain. But this time the aching & pain are not in my knee, as Neil had been very kind to me during the night and I’d had a good sleep. They are the aches & pains that fellow gym buddies really love, after a good workout and the feeling of satisfaction and achievement. My arms, shoulders and ABS had been worked hard yesterday and this was the results today.

A nice long Lobster bath (Larry) before breakfast eased away the stiffness and enabled me to consider when I was going back to the gym today – before or after lunch? I decided to watch an old movie (1955) on the TV, whilst slouching on Claire (the couch) as usual. She has become my most reliable friend at home over the past 7 weeks and one that doesn’t even moan if I just stay there all day.

Because I was still feeling tired after yesterday’s long day, I forgot to go to Anfield today and see if they had any last minute tickets available for the Liverpool FC game tonight. Just means that I will watch the game on TV instead.

This afternoon’s activities included another training session with Mark M overseeing my efforts again and his support, advice and expertise in managing my exercises correctly. We had another good chat about what I was doing, how is affects my performance and what I hoped to achieve over the next few weeks. Mark M even suggested increasing the number of ‘Reps’ and ‘Weights’ that I used for each exercise and try to improve my lifts today. Between us our confidence is increasing the more I do the supervised sessions and for Mark M to know that I can not afford to do too much and have a further relapse or aggravate my injury more.

I left the gym on a high again, feeling like I had achieved more than yesterday and thinking about tomorrow’s session already. The simple use of exercises to improve my mood, attitude, confidence or social interaction can not be underestimated in my recovery. The buzz I get has been like winning a prize on the Lottery – a win win at the moment.

Tomorrow night the gym has a ‘Disco Night’ theme and I’m looking forward to just being a part of it – limited exercises for me, but the social interaction of meeting other members that I’ve not seen for a few months is as exciting as training with them. I can assure you all though that I will not be dancing or singing (too loudly) to any of the 80’s/90’s music that will be played, eventhough that I do love this musical period.



  1. Julie Hirons · February 19, 2015

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant,
    Possibly having the same injury you blog is giving me hope, as you’ve said PMA is the key to not let the pain and lack of mobility get you down…. Keep it up big man!


    • mikehighton · February 19, 2015

      Julie – keep positive and you will succeed in your own battle to recover. Keep smiling too.


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