Rehabilitation – Day 3 & The start of LENT

Well today has been a brilliant day all round for me, one of the best for at least 7 weeks and my time over Christmas.

It started off with a trip to my forgotten 2nd home – the gym, to chat with Mark M about some simple exercises that I could do there, without putting pressure/stress on my knee, to enable me to build up some sort of fitness too. With a sensible chat, demonstration of my lack of mobility and the concerns I have about aggravating my knee further, we came up with an introductory set of exercises to get my heart levels raised.  I joked with Mark that I didn’t need to exercise if that was his aim, as my heart was already racing with fear and anxiety.

The focus is to build up slowly on my upper body strength and maybe some ABS work too. This will be reinforced by restarting my healthy eating meals again and cutting out all the junk food – Hence my usual LENT items of Chocolate, Chips, Crisps, Biscuits and Beer being given up this year again. So off I went to play with the routines set up, with Mark M being extra vigilant over my efforts and counting the ‘Reps’ & ‘Sets’ for each to make sure I didn’t do extra ….  which I did a little bit when he wasn’t looking. At the end of about 40 minutes of his company, support and expertise, I was actually glad he said enough was enough today – I was shattered, sweaty and more importantly quite pleased with my own efforts at first.  (Then I realised the down side was that I am so far behind my fitness levels before the injury that I felt a little disappointed at how much I need to improve – cardio, endurance, strength, speed and impact reactions.) It was then pointed out that after no training for 104 days, the fact that I am able to do some of the weights that I did was an achievement in its own right – I think that was more of a motivational supportive approach by Mark M.

What was the affect on me today after the training session? Well without exaggerating I felt as if I was as high as a kite, full of energy and enthusiasm for the rest of the day. I can honestly say it was like being a new man – no grumpiness, mood swings, tiredness or boredom. I was on top of the world and wanted to share the feeling with everyone and anyone. But instead, I came home and had one of the best hot showers in ages, ate my healthy chicken salad lunch and decided to go to Preston to see Tom, Rose & Oliver for the afternoon.

With the mood being as high as it was, we went for a quick look for a new knee support, as the one I have been using is getting a little bit loose due to a loss of muscle definition and muscle wastage in my legs from no  training. Didn’t find what I wanted BUT in a weird way I found something better – a New Cross-Training in the SALE – and both Tom & I just had to buy one each, so we did.  My home now has a full sized Multi-Gym, Toning Machine, Weights and now a Cross Trainer for me to use 24hrs a day everyday. Pleased with myself as I can now give my gym equipment names too – lol.

Now tonight will be a bit different I think. Neil (my knee) will be very sleepy I think and Claire (the couch) will be even more comfy as I slouch on her for an hour or two before bed. I have already set the alarm for the same time as this morning, hoping that I can again go the gym and have another session. The old me is back today (if only for a short while), smiles all day – I even went for a haircut and am growing a beard for Lent as a visual reminder of my personal motivation. If I don’t manage to get up in time then I will go for a run in the deepend of the swimming pool.

Big thanks to Mark M, Tom, Rose, Oliver, Zak and a few Twitter/Facebook people for their comments today – they are all appreciated and make me feel very positive.

PS – Training Days Completed = 1     LENT Days = 1


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