Rehabilitation – Day 2

So much for the clever ideas of getting up and starting to get sorted today. Neil decided to have a restless night, wanting to watch the late movie in bed – until about 3.30am. This meant that even though I went to bed early, I didn’t manage to get much sleep before the end of the movie. I remember someone telling me about how they suffered from ‘restless legs’ of a night and I used to joke at their legs going for a walk in bed…..  not so funny when you experience it for yourself. Neil found the duvet too heavy, too hot, too clod, too short, too long … you name it he moaned about it last night. Eventually I woke up about 11am and felt like I’d been training all night.

First deed of the day was to run Barry the bed, so that I could have a long Larry Lobster soak, before I had breakfast. Now that was the best start to a day in a long time – hamstring/calf tightness eased before lunchtime. The unfortunate side to this though is that it made me so chilled that I had a comfy cuddle on Claire, the couch, missing the opportunity to meet with Mark M at the gym – sorry mate!!

The rest of the afternoon so far has been watching TV with Claire and the highly educational social study by Jeremy Kyle – oh why oh why??? I must need my head testing after watching this stuff. As a treat tonight, I am going to get the pancake mix and make myself a few for tea. So I will finish this here until later.

Well, what an interesting evening that was!!!  After making an executive decision for myself, I POLLED 2 different movies to go and see – Jupiter Ascending or American Sniper. The later was nominated by several votes to nil and off I went to my local Cineworld to watch it. The film was, in my humble opinion, EXCELLENT and well worth the watch. The audience was totally engaged in the whole of the film and it was noticeably quiet throughout. However, and I have noticed recently that I always appear to have one of these ‘Howevers’….   I was asked to leave after the movie, for defending the character in the film, as the ‘Less than Respectful Youth’ found it amusing to make fun of him. Was not happy at this and expressed my dissatisfaction in terms they would clearly understand. (Especially as I was wearing my HelpforHeroes hoody. (The security guy found it hilarious as he was walking me away from the complex.)

So the lesson I have learned tonight is that I am unable to go out unsupervised without getting into trouble.

Now it’s time to sit and talk to Neil (the knee) and ask him to give me a better night’s sleep. I’m sure Claire (the couch will be comfortable for me to fall asleep on if I dont manage to get to bed tonight.


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