Rehabilitation Plan – Day 1

So after along day in a childless empty school, I managed to think things out for the rest of this week of ‘So Called’ time off for half-term. The stress levels of not being able to spend my time productively today – due to the inability of others to get things right, resulted in clearing my mindset into ‘BUCK UP’ mode.

The tightness in my hamstring and calf has been causing me to put pressure on my knee – which I have now named as ‘NEIL’. Now Neil has been feeling a bit irritated at his lack of rest and as such keeps grinding and jarring himself. This in turn causes a sharp pain inside Neil and often makes me jump or hop or cringe as I put my foot down. No amount of rest or relaxation alleviates this so it’s just a matter of grin and bare it until it goes away – usually after about 10 seconds or so. The difficulty is that Neil does it on purpose almost every step or turn or bend today. A quick stretch and foot up after the pain is fine for a while. In a way it’s a little bit like a pregnant Lady’s contraction – comes, gives pain, goes but you know another one is coming – sometimes unexpectedly (which are the worse ones) and others you can feel the pain brewing.

As a treat tonight I went and visited my ‘2nd Home’ – the gym. There I had a good chat with Ali – she’s cool and just laughed at me hobbling in. I have left a message for Mark M, to see if he will look at sorting out a new training program for me that will enable me to do exercise, but not create any further problems for Neil. The idea for this is to perhaps build up my Upper Body & Abs, whilst not using my legs to apply pressure. Similarly I want to look at including going to the swimming pool and doing some gentle running in the ‘Deep End’.  I can just imagine you laughing at the very idea of this – how will you breathe underwater? comes to mind. Let me explain this activity.

Water based activities takes the pressure off your joints, but still enables you to workout. Therefore if I walk in a slow running motion and the water is chest deep, I can do the full range of motions without inflicting pain upon my naughty friend Neil. (I did check this out with the knee specialist last week and she recommended my trying it.)

An appointment has been made for me to meet up with Mark M either tomorrow or Wednesday – my own Gym Babysitter, and he will ensure I abide by his instructions or I’ll just get banned. He is also aware of how important training is to me and my tendency to ‘Run before I can Walk’ approach.

In conclusion to today’s activities, I am sat her with Claire (the couch) getting my much needed rest, as she lets me watch the football on TV. Neil however, is a different matter. He is aching, causing a toothache type pain as I gently do small hamstring/calf stretches – wiggling my toes in Physio terms. After the match has finished, I will be visiting Barry (the bath) for my usual piping hot Larry (Lobster soak), before my last snuggle up to on Claire (the couch).

I would just like to point out at this point that by naming inanimate objects and humanising them, it makes me feel like I am not going through this alone of a night. So don’t feel concerned for my mental state – I have always been this unstable and had multi-personalities.




  1. Jan Turner · February 16, 2015

    Take it easy don’t do too much xx


    • mikehighton · February 16, 2015

      Doing less than nothing Jan – hence this blog to keep me sane(ish)


  2. Bex · February 17, 2015

    I know many children with ADHD who name inanimate objects… Food for thought there!!


    • mikehighton · February 17, 2015

      Thanks for that Bex – but I can assure you that I’m well past ADHD….


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