The affect on my life

So now that I am up to date with this blog, I intend to record the impact of this injury on my every day life, attitude and general wellbeing.

From being an active and mobile individual, I have turned into a couch potato who spends most weekends on the settere watching TV or on my laptop – as my TWITTER & FACEBOOK friends and followers will confirm. Sleep patterns are out the window, with Cat naps during the day spoiling a good  night’s sleep. DVDs & Movies are a Godsend and keep me going when I can’t sleep or chat to others in the early hours of the morning.

Now, with longer days and very short nights, I am eating more of the ‘less healthy’ foods again – grabbing bags of Dollymixtures, Jellybabies and Smarties on the way home from school. (Mark from the GoodFellows Club won’t be happy to read that comment either.) The resulting weight increase has returned and all the hard work over Christmas has been wasted in my view.

I have been having mood swings at work, down to my feeling useless and not fulfilling my role with the kids and colleagues. But I do get the ‘Mothering’ from the Ladies I work with and they are constantly telling me to easy up – which I can’t.  Bringing these mood swings home is fine, as I just tend to shout at the TV or talk to my laptop – the perk of living alone….

There are the same close friends that check on my every day – TWITTER/FACEBOOK and my elderly neighbour, who comes in for a chat or to talk about my ‘Love Life’ …   She is trying to set me up I think!!

Most people who work hard all week, long hours and are under pressure look forward to their weekends off  –  not me. It simply means another bout of ‘Couch Potato’ and more weight being put on through boredom. Now we have broken up for half-term, I was dreading the time off. However, yesterday I spend a total of 14 hours in bed most of which I slept. I felt so relaxed afterwards and even enjoyed watching TV in bed until 1pm, before having to get up because I was hungry. Last night was the same old routine and my new ‘Best Friend’ – Claire the Couch, invited me for another quiet evening in with her. (I felt weird calling it a boy’s name.)

So now today – watched all the Football, Rugby, Giant Hill Jumping etc … I can cope with. I had a few hours with Tom & Rose today and Dog sat  ‘Molly’ for them, whilst they celebrated a rare nightout in Manchester. It was good to see them and have someone to chat to.

NB:  These are not the ramblings of a desperately attention seeking individual. I am merely confirming my feelings at the beginning of what could be a long journey. For me, when I feel in a dark place I think of those others in the world that Inspire me and this Motivates be to kick my own backside into gear and get on with life.

Speak to myself tomorrow.


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