More Time than Sense – the injury

Well first of all a thank you to my eldest son Tom for the title of this blog – as he can see the amount of time I know have on my hands.

….  To continue from the first blog, I aggravated my knee so much that it gave way in school and resulted in a total ‘No weight baring’ injury. Telephoned my family Doctors and sought and immediate appointment, but was offered one in 10 days time. Calmly and politely I asked if I should call for an ambulance or just go to the hospital myself as I was unable to walk – tears welled up in my eyes at this point and my HT was telling me to go straight to the hospital.

Eventually I was ‘allowed’ an emergency appointment at the end of the day with the young on-call Doctor. Resulting in my being given painkillers to easy the discomfort and another appointment for 7 days time. I was told that I could not do any training and that I should have complete rest. (This actually surprised me as I hadn’t asked a question about training.)  So the following day, using an old pair of crutches, I dosed up on the prescribed painkillers (2 x 500mg  4 times a day) and drove to school. This was the 3rd big mistake linked to this injury. The pain was so excruciating that I was sent home and told not to return back until I was fit enough. I did return back and used the crutches for the next 10 days – resting my leg up and having the care of the kids in my class to help me over this period. I had severe pain and tightness in my knee, hamstring and calf.

Now on the 10th February 2015 – My appointment with the CATS (CARE, ASSESSMENT & TREATMENT SERVICE) staff was attended. This was an eye opener as I was asked why I hadn’t been training and doing gentle exercises? I replied that I had 2 main reasons, which are the fact that I couldn’t put weight on my leg and that I was TOLD by my Doctor. This didn’t seem to be an acceptable response and I was then advised that I needed an URGENT MRI and PHYSIO Referral. I did actually do something right though – by having my Lobster Baths and the Heat/ICE pads. The CATS Specialist is looking at my injury being possibly my ACL or Cartilage damage but was being masked by the tight hamstring/calf.

This Friday just gone, 13th February 2015, I received a date for the MRI Scan – 3rd March 2015.

I would just like to point out at this point that I am not being critical of the NHS, as I understand the pressures they are under. However, as I was sat in the waiting area of the CATS/PHYSIO Department I could not help but to notice the Big RED Writing  on the sign ‘Missed Appointments So Far This Month’  had already reached 627. This made me wonder how many of these people would be ‘Charged’ for the missed appointment?


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