Training Diary – Day 742

#NoRunning2Weeks – Ice, Rest & Recover was the #Therapist Instructions. Nearly killed me following them but I did it. First run tonight – slow & steady = 10km in 60mins05secs. Well pleased with that.


#HappyFace #Smiling #Therapist – big thanks to Duncan Forrest for his support on the extra loop & the new Lady member that came with us too.

I know it may seem a little bit of a self-centered approach, on face value, but 2 weeks without training was such a strain on my ‘Wellbeing’ and I have been so frustrated at now being able to do any proper exercise/training.

All the ‘Little Monsters’ in my head came out in force, playing on my mind and making me feel even worse than I actually was. Then up stepped someone that helped me to change my psychological approach to my injury – focusing on Rest, Ice & Recovery and not on getting back out training too soon. I have called this individual my #Therapist – a bit of common sense being administered in my direction and a touch of ‘Home Truths’ too. This has rung around my head every day for the past 2 weeks and every day I have heard the ‘Home Truths’ over and over again.

Then tonight on the way home from school I decided to take a chance and go for a run – but not without checking with the #Therapist first ….   or should that be getting permission – lol. I had intended on a slow 5km local run tomorrow night after work, but my running buddies all had something on and I knew I needed to check out the injury before Saturday.


Tonight’s Club Run was a bit of a worry for me – how far should I run: what pace; should I actually do it? The only thing I could do was just go for it and see what happened. #Claire & #Jan where the Run Leaders and we had a small group of about 7 of us in total.  The route had 2 parts to it – a big loop and then the added extra little loop for those that wanted the extra distance.

I was feeling fairly good during the big loop, if a little stiff in the legs – that I think was down to the #BringSallyUp sessions in PE today with the kids. Doing squats 3 times was not a good idea – lol. It soon became evident that I was going to be able to complete both loops tonight – even if I was not going all out at my normal pace. #Duncan & #Debbie also wanted to do the extra loop and I was glad for their support/company when we did it. In total – including a little bit of mustering I managed to complete 10km in 60mins 05secs – which I was well impressed with too.

So now it is Ice, Rest & Recover again – as instructed by the #Therapist and a little bit of waiting to see if I have a reaction from my knee or it stays the same as today – fingers crossed.

On another note I am also pleased that my #FitBit STEPS total for today was back up to near my normal figures – 31,000+ just for today.


Training Diary – Day 739


Still taking it easy for the next few days – giving my knee as much rest as possible to see if I can run in the 10km event this weekend. Steps total has been fairly low again today – not entered into any International/National Step Challenges with others this week – lol.


27th Feb – Challenge Yourself

So not to be too much of a lazy individual, I decided to do the #SOFA Abs Challenge for tonight’s #fitfeb activity – making sure I did it 5 times for the extra frustration to be used up.

Now for the good stuff – the Challenges to sign up for – keeping the momentum going from #FitFeb …..  Not that I needed any extra Challenges to be added to my list for the year, but!!!

I now have 3 x 10km events & 2 x HM events booked in for the next 2 months – starting this weekend. Also I have a further 2 x HM penciled in for MAY, another 2 x10km and an 8km event too.

On top of these I am working on setting up a team of my Sons & a few mates for the

Tough Mudder North West – Saturday, September 9, 2017

These are the events I know I will be involved in – if injury free. Taking all these into account I think you may consider me as being motivated to continue on longer. (Don’t forget I also have my normal daily training sessions to do when I’m not taking part in an event.)

I’m sure that there will be a few other sneaky events that I can add the remainder of the year. So if you are up for a challenge then sign up for an event; give yourself time to train for it and then go for it.


Training Diary – Day 738



You deserve a rest day!
Today has been one of the longest of the past 10 days for me – I have taken the #FitFeb Challenge to its literal meaning of ‘Rest Day’ and had my feet up for the majority of the day. So much so that my #FitBit STEP Challenge total for the day is only : 1719 and all time record low for me. (I usually get to around 24,000+ Steps on a Sunday.
If there is one good thing about today – I have followed the #Therapist Instructions fully and will hopefully see the benefits of resting my knee for the duration.
This next week is going to be a bit of a test for me – both at work and in my training recovery. I have a 10km running event next weekend and will be pacing another runner. That means I need to get out and do a few short runs to see if the knee can cope – or if it swells back up again. All just a matter of waiting & seeing what happens.
In other news it is a shame but we only have 2 days left to go on the #FitFeb Challenge and I would like it to carry on longer because of the enjoyment of doing it. We will have to wait and see though.

Training Diary – Day 737


24th Feb – Friday Fun #optC – Movie night in Super SOFA Abs

Did this one last night whilst watching ‘Bad Neighbours2’ on TV – got bored with the movie, so did a few more of the exercises anyway. Then it was time for an early night and a good night’s sleep.

This morning, whilst still under the #Therapist instructions, I volunteered to be a ‘Barcode Scanner’ at the local event. That way I was guaranteed not to run and could also prove that I hadn’t been over doing the exercise for my knee. To be fair, my knee is almost completely back to the usual size, but is still a little achy or possibly tired – so I will continue to rest/recover/ice it over the weekend.
The weather today wasn’t the best – lots of cold, wet wind that soaked through the different layers of my clothing. The #WidnesParkrun went well as usual and lots of people thanking the volunteers for their assistance today – well pleased.

25th Feb – #optB – 10,000 steps challenge! Go for a walk

I managed to complete my #FitBit STEPS total for today around tea-time, after this mornings #ParkRun & a pleasant walk around another local park. Needed to do some sort of exercise to burn off the excess energy I had built up this week through ‘Not Training’ … it does frustrate you too.

Now for the rest of the night it will be another movie on TV and maybe a repeat of last night’s #SOFA Abs Challenge.

Training Diary – Day 736

Not been around much over the past few days so unable to do an update on here until today. Have had a few things going on and keeping me busy, so I needed to do them first.


This is something that I have not struggled with this week – more that I have been very frustrated at not being able to do as much as I want to do – my knee was too swollen to exercise and the pain was immense when I tried to run. (Thankfully I knew it was only muscular – my quads, so it was down to me to rest/recover.)

It isn’t very often that I take notice of being told ‘No Running or Else’ but this time I knew the advice was correct – thanks to my #Therapist for that. (NB: I don’t actually have a therapist but a friend that tells me how it is and it is a private joke – lol.) The result of my having some time to rest, recover and ice my knee has been that the swelling has reduced by about 80% and I have more movement & less pain/discomfort in the quads of my left leg. Going to give it another few days to fully reduce the swelling and then start out running again next week.


I also went on a trip to Newcastle to see my family up there and my Grandsons – #Alfie & #Rory – now 5months old. #ProudGrandad.   In 22yrs or so, remember this ….  these 2 little fellas will represent #TeamGB in the Olympics – you heard it here first!!

Whilst in Newcastle I had a 5-6km run route that I do during some free time up there. But being fairly good and following most of my #Therapist advice – lol. I didn’t run around the 5km route but I did do it walking and completed the hills too.

Apart from tiring me out, I was pleased at doing the route about 3 times whilst up there. But shhh!!!   don’t tell the #Therapist


I took every opportunity to walk the route – Day & Night because I felt I could still exercise but with a moderation of being sensible too. What was more important to me – being frustrated or being sensible?


One of the good things that happened as a result of doing the ‘Walking’ up the hills, was that on the way to this monument near the Metro-Line my left knee ‘clicked’ and a sharp pain shot through my knee. WHAT???  you may be thinking…   This made my knee so much better – I was able to bend it fully, bear more weight on it with out much discomfort. I had said a few days ago that I thought it was not right after sitting cross-legged after a PE lesson and felt it needed to click back. I was right too.


The lack of training sadly prevented me from participating in the #FitFeb Challenges for some of this week – which I am disappointed with. But I will do and extra week when it finishes to ensure that I complete the whole challenge.

20th -22nd Feb; unable to do any challenges, partly due to injury and partly due to no access to them in the hotel.

23rd Feb – A New Thing   #optB – Try one of the 53 free #lifehack activities:

I did several things yesterday – Went to visit friends that I hadn’t seen for a while; Had a good walk locally on the flat; Been reading a book ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ for a more positive outlook on life; Chilled last night watching music videos on YouTube.

Later today I will look at doing the next challenge but for now I’m still resting my knee.

#FitBit STEP Challenge has been very minimal too this week – really low number of steps for me but just enough to keep me active. (Think it will be less than half of my normal weekly total too.)


Training Diary – Day 731

Today was a much needed ‘Me Day’ and a little bit more time to assess my knee/muscle injury. After a very disturbed night of sleep – the discomfort from the swelling, I had to use the ice pack all night. There was absolutely no way that I would get through the day without some painkillers/anti-inflammatory tablets – the swelling was the only problem causing me discomfort. I used my YOGA ball during breakfast to try and get more mobility/bending in the knee and loosen the quad muscles.


#FitFeb Challenge Day 19


Today was the last Cross-Country Event for the Running Club and I was supposed to be running in it – obviously not!!  So I had to make the effort of still going and to support both teams – I was one of the Cheer Leaders & the Photographer. I did try and go in disguise but think I was still spotted.

NB:  I was absolutely shattered in these photos and that was without any training. I just wanted to do my bit and then go home for a sleep.    The Running Club did fantastic and I was very proud of being there with them.

Tomorrow is my turn for a treat – going to see my #Alfie & #Rory Grandsons in the North East – really looking forward to giving them #ProudGrandadHugs again.



#Rory on Left    Dad (Zak)   #Alfie on Right

Training Diary – Day 730

#Yeah #ParkRunSaturday ….  but not too much of a celebration for me today. A minor muscular injury to my left knee/quad has prevented me from running – been told to ice/rest & chill for a few days. I still attended the #ParkRun and volunteered to do the ‘Barcode Scanning’ … which I’ve done before too.


#FitFeb Challenge Day 18

Luckily for me today, the #fitfeb challenges are something I could do without causing any further damage to my injury.

1.    #optA  – Take part in a local 5km @ParkrunUK  – As identified above I was a volunteer at today’s parkrun and it enabled me to be more of a ‘Motivational’ influence by encouraging everyone in my own individual way …

2.   #optB  – 10,000 steps challenge! Go for a walk with friends, family or dog.  – I surpassed my 10,000 steps very easily – think by lunchtime. This meant that my ‘Walking the #FurKid’ along my 5km run route was a bonus – as you can see from the photo, Mollie is sprawled out on the floor shattered. (Even injured I do too much for the dog.)
So for the rest of the night I will be resting & recovering as ‘Instructed’ by my ‘Therapist’ … and hopefully have an improvement again tomorrow morning. I’m going to spectate & support the Club cross-country team tomorrow – being a photographer too.